Term Life Insurance Quotes

& Universal Life Insurance

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According to our experts, universal life insurance is a kind of permanent insurance which features multiple uses as it invests a certain amount of the premiums you pay. This type of policy basically has two components—the insurance and the investment component. The insurance component provides you with permanent coverage while the investment component functions as a savings account, which increases the cash value without any tax.

Benefits of Universal Life insurance

Some of the benefits of this type of insurance include:

  • As long as you pay the premiums regularly, you enjoy permanent life insurance. You can also pay the premiums if you have sufficient cash value in your investment account.

  • You have a tax-deferred saving account opened, which grows in cash value as you pay the premiums. You can actually enjoy a minimum return on investment or saving returns of 4%

  • If you don’t have cash at hand but do have enough money in your cash value account, then you get to enjoy the flexibility of paying the premiums through the cash value account

  • You have the liberty to borrow or withdraw from the cash value account


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